What makes Hygoformic unique?
Full adaptive also at the back of the jaw, works as combined saliva ejector with high suction capacity and tongue holder.

Does Hygoformic fit into all standard ejection systems?
We have different adaptors for Hygoformic to fit the most standard ejection systems.

What material is the Hygoformic manufactured in?
Hygoformic is manufactured in PE/PP and copper plated steel wire.



Saliva ejectors and Aspirator tubes


Are all the saliva ejectors and aspirator tubes autoclavable?
Some of our products are autoclavable only for sterilize before use not for multiply use. They can be autoclaved on both the long and short program, max 140°

What material are the aspirator tubes made in?
The aspirator tubes are made of an environmental PP or PE.





What´s the benefits with the double ventilated aspirator tube Hygovac vent?
The double holes on each end strongly reduce the effect to getting stuck.



Hygosurge & Hygosurge XL


What´s the benefits to use Hygosurge or Hygosurge XL?
The surgical tip has an apex of only 3,6 mm, which provides increased possibilities. It is perfect to use when dealing with narrow operations, root filling and implants. They can also be combined with Microtip with apex of 1,7 mm.