Angles for aspirator tube
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Scantube® Vent

Disposable aspirator tube with S-shaped ends and a rectangular ventilation hole.
Length: 145 mm
Manufactured in PE


Prod No.

Prod No: AV1000 White, Scantube Vent
Prod No: AV1000LB Lightblue, Scantube Vent
Prod No: AV1000MG Mintgreen, Scantube Vent
Prod No: AV1000OR Orange, Scantube Vent
Prod No: AV1000PU Purple, Scantube Vent 
Prod No: AV1000BL Blue, Scantube Vent
Carton of 10 x 100 pcs


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Animated movie on how to use Scantube.


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