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J.H. ORSING AB was founded in the 50´s as Ingenjörsfirman J.H. Orsing by John Harry Orsing. Being a trained refrigeration engineer, his first invention was a deep-freeze named ”Osby-Polar”. This invention gave him the economic possibilities to start thinking about new inventions.

One day, in the late 50´s Harry Orsing, whilst being treated by his dentist, became really tired of the unwieldy and chafting instruments he had to endure. He decided that something had to be done, went home, and started to outline what was to become one of the world´s best known mouldable Saliva Ejectors – THE HYGOFORMIC. Today the outstanding qualities still make Hygoformic one of the most popular saliva ejectors in the world.

Ernst Orsing engineer and inventor, followed his father´s trade. Over the last years he has designed several interesting products such as the development of the aspirating tubes Hygovac and Hygovac Vent as well as the aspirator tips Hygosurge, Hygojet and Hygotip. Continuous improvements provide better products, maintained Orsing quality.

Mr Ernst Orsing has development and new construction very much at heart and our personnel constantly works with adding new products to our HYGO-Line. Large investments over the years have turned J.H. ORSING AB into a modern and rational company – ready to meet with the growing demand for the HYGO-PRODUCTS. Starting with Sweden, the Hygoformic soon spread to the other Scandinavian countries and to Europe. Today the HYGO-PRODUCTS are available throughout the world. We attend all major Dental Exhibitions and take pride in doing our outmost for customers all over the world.

The company is now owned by Directa AB.

To meet the demand for environmental friendly disposable products we have the past years changed the material in Hygoformic to a non-toxic and non-pollutive mixture of Polyethylene and Polypropylene. When the plastic is totally burnt all that will remain is water and carbon-dioxide. The increasing consciousness for the environment also has led to improvements in the materials used for packing of the products as well as a maximum utilization of the available space in lorries picking up goods at our plant. All to provide a better transport-economy for our customers.

Since December 1995 J.H. ORSING AB has a Quality Management System to ensure continued quality and further improvement and development.

Our production and marketing of single use dental devices in Class IIa has an EC-certificate production quality assurance system approval certificate -, issued by SP, our notified body and are authorized to carry the CE-marking CE 0402. Our products are also registered at the FDA, U.S.A.

All trademarks are registered property of J.H. ORSING AB.


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