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JH ORSING AB  (Headquarter)
Torbornavägen 26
S-253 68 Helsingborg

P.O.Box 16077
S-250 16 Råå

Telephone: +46 42 29 55 00
Telefax: +46 42 29 55 05

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Orsing is one of the world’s leading producers of saliva ejectors, aspirator tubes and accessories. Founded in Sweden in the 1950s, Orsing has distinguished itself for user-friendly disposable products developed with the patient’s highest comfort in mind, such as the Hygoformic, the world’s best known mouldable saliva ejector.


DirectaDentalGroup keep expanding. In 2015 DirectaDentalGroup acquired and incorporated three manufacturing companies: the UK-based Topdental Products Ltd, the Swedish J.H. Orsing AB and the Swedish Nordiska Dental’s non- amalgam products. Topdental was acquired in April 2015 and manufactures dental disinfectant and hygiene control products Topdental (Products) Ltd. Topdental is an award winning manufacturer of premium quality disinfectant products commercialized both as private label and under the brands Virofex and Bossklein. Headquarter, production and warehouse are based in Silsden, West Yorkshire, UK. In July 2015 DirectaDentalGroup acquired J.H Orsing AB a Swedish manufacturer of Saliva Ejectors, Aspirator Tubes and accessories. DirectaDentalGroup also incorporated all Nordiska Dental’s non amalgam products in its growing product line, including the well known Calasept Endoline, ANA Etching gel, Cerana ceramic fillings and Nobetec ZOE-cement.


Orsing is one of Lifco´s 133 companies. Lifco’s business idea is to acquire and develop market leading, niched companies. Lifco's aim is to secure that the subsidiaries continuously improve earnings and deliver strong cash flows. We are guided by our corporate philosophy implying a long-term investment profile, focus on profitability and a highly decentralized organization. Today Lifco has about 3000 emplyees in 28 countries.