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FAQ: Hygoformic® 

The Hygoformic is the original mouldable saliva ejector with tongue holder. Used by dentists all over the world for more than 50 years. Produced in non-toxic and non-pollutive polyethylene and polypropylene and a complete line of adaptors to meet all the requirements of modern dental clinics.
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FAQ: Hygovac®

The Hygovac range of aspirator tubes consists of Hygovac, the ventilated Hygovac Vent and new Hygovac Bio. The dual tips give the freedom of choice also in the autoclavable versions Hygovac Green and Hygovac Vent Green.
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FAQ: Hygovac® Bio 

Hygovac Bio is an aspirator tube made entirely of sustainable bio-based polyethylene and comes in two new sizes, providing an opportunity to choose a length which suits the treatment. The dual tips, with one traditional 45° end and one S-shaped, give the freedom of choice and increased patient comfort.
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FAQ: Hygosurge® and Hygosurge® XL 

Hygosurge and Hygosurge XL are autoclavable surgical aspirators that fit 11 mm system with an apex of 3,5 mm. 
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