New, fossil free products manufactured from renewable resources.

Manufacturers of products can make a difference regarding global warming caused by greenhouse gases. By using bio-based polyethylene, we reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We can help save our planet for future generations.

The sugarcane plantations are located in the South-Central region of Brazil, more than 2,000 km(1,200 miles) from the Amazon Region. The expansion of areas used to plant sugarcane is governed by Sugarcane Agroecological Zoning. The ethanol used to make the polyethylene is purchased from different suppliers that are selected accordingly with the Code of Conduct for Ethanol Suppliers. This Code of Conduct takes into account aspects related to compliance with Brazilian Law and respect for biodiversity.

Orsing’s products are produced from suppliers that strictly adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Hygotip® XL Bio
Hygoformic® Bio
Hygoformic® Bio Adaptor
Hygovac® Bio
Hygovac® Vent Bio
Bio Cup