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Hygovac® Vent Bio

Green PE is a fossil-free, bio-based polyethylene made from sugar canes. Unlike conventional PE where fossil raw materials such as oil and natural gas are used, sugar cane is a completely renewable resource. Hygovac Vent Bio is a double-ventilated disposable aspirator tube with one traditional 45° end and one S-shaped end. The Hygovac Vent is equipped with double holes on each end which strongly reduce the effect of getting stuck. The Hygovac Vent Bio still has the same diameter and provides the same suction as previous Hygovac products.

Prod No: VB1000V Hygovac Vent Bio, white and natural green, 140 mm. Single use.

By using Green PE, bio-based polyethylene, Orsing reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We help saving our planet for future generations. Dental manufacturers can also make a difference to reduce global warming. As a leading manufacturer of saliva ejectors and aspirator tubes, Orsing considers environmental sustainability to be of great importance.


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