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CareShield® is an easy to use transparent screen with an integrated HVE suction function that removes droplets and aerosols that harbor potentially dangerous pathogens

During dental procedures, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants and Patients are exposed to aerosols and organic fluids such as blood and saliva. Fluids that spread and contaminate Personal Protective Equipment as well as surfaces around the clinic. CareShield helps reduce cross contamination by removing aerosols and droplets through your HVE system during treatment. Easy to connect and use, CareShield ensures prevention contamination procedures for you and your patients.


Reasons to use CareShield®

  • Reduces the spread of aerosols and droplets
  • Helps protect equipment and staff from cross contamination
  • Improves the overall experience of your patients and your staff
  • Features a single use, disposable shield and an autoclavable connector
  • Stays in place with an easy to set up Handsfree Stand



Prod No: CS5100, Starter Kit, 100 Shields - 5 Connectors - 5 H16 Adaptor
Prod No: SL100, Refill Shield, 100 pcs
Prod No: CN5, Refill Connector, 5 pcs
Prod No: HCN1, Handsfree Stand, 1 pc


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