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Hygoformic® L
A smaller size saliva ejector suitable for children is now available in two new colours

The Hygoformic L is a combined saliva ejector and tongue holder. The coil design of the tongue holder makes Hygoformic patient friendly. Hygoformic L is a smaller size saliva ejector suitable for children. It has perfect suction capacity due to the 4 holes. The holes are placed inside the coil design to avoid contact with the tongue and soft tissues and will not become blocked. The Hygoformic L is seamlessly adjustable in shape and size to any patients’ cheek and works very well when treatment is needed at the back of the jaw.


4 reasons to use Hygoformic®

1. Adjustable
2. Environmental friendly
3. High capacity and tissue friendly
4. Tongue holder


Prod No.

Colour: white, pink and light blue
Prod No: L1000 Hygoformic L, white, carton of 1000 pcs
Prod No: L1000PK Hygoformic L, pink, carton of 1000 pcs
Prod No: L1000LB Hygoformic L, light blue, carton of 1000 pcs


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