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Aspirator tubes with 45° + 45° cuts. Orsing’s wide range of disposable aspirator tubes fit any evacuation system.
All Scantubes are manufactured in a environmentally friendly PE. When the plastic is totally burnt all that will remain is water and carbon-dioxide. No phthalates - no latex. The Scantube range of aspirator tubes is available in 6 colours. Single use.

Length: 135 mm.
Manufactured in PE



Prod No: AT1000 Scantube, White
Prod No: BL1000 Scantube, Blue
Prod No: LC1000 Scantube, Lilac
Prod No: MG1000 Scantube, Mint green
Prod No: PK1000 Scantube, Pink
Prod No: LB1000 Scantube, Light blue
Carton of 10 x 100 pcs


Reasons to use Scantube®

• Dual tips 45° + 45°
• No phthalates - no latex
• Available in 6 colours


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