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Scantube® Vent

Aspirator tube with S-shaped ends and a rectangular ventilation hole. Orsing’s wide range of disposable aspirator tubes fit any evacuation system.
All Scantubes are manufactured in an environmentally friendly PE. When the plastic is totally burnt all that will remain is water and carbon-dioxide. No phthalates - no latex. The Scantube Vent range of aspirator tubes is available in 3 colours. Single use.

Length: 145 mm
Manufactured in PE



Prod No: AV1000 Scantube Vent, white
Prod No: AV1000LB Scantube Vent, light blue
Prod No: AV1000BL Scantube Vent, blue
Carton of 10 x 100 pcs


Reasons to use Scantube® Vent

• Dual tips S-shape + S-shape
• Ventilated, to avoid getting stuck
• No phthalates - no latex
• Available in 3 colours


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