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Hygo® Tip XL Bio

Hygo Tip XL Bio aspirator tube with a 16 mm diameter offers a high suction capacity. Its sturdy design works as a tongue holder and allows retraction of the cheek. Specially designed ventilation grooves at the connection prevent it from getting stuck to the tissue and causing discomfort for the patient. Hygo Tip XL Bio is partly made of fossil-free Green PE and autoclavable PP. Single use.

Length: 148 mm
External diameter: 16 mm


Prod No: TPXLB10 Hygo Tip XL Bio, natural green, Package of 10 pcs

Reasons to use Hygo® Tip XL Bio

• Environmentally friendly
• High suction capacity, 16mm
• Sturdy design, works as tongue holder
• Ventilated, to avoid getting stuck

By using Green PE, bio-based polyethylene, Orsing reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We help saving our planet for future generations. Dental manufacturers can also make a difference to reduce global warming. As a leading manufacturer of saliva ejectors and aspirator tubes, Orsing considers environmental sustainability to be of great importance.

We care about the environment. Welcome to the new environmental conscious world of Orsing!





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